An Order Guide serves as a “favourites list” of items for each supplier.
They are found on your ChefHero Order Desk by clicking 'Order Guide' or '+Create New Order Guide' under each supplier.

You can customize, categorize and organize products yourself by creating multiple Order Guides suited to your location's needs.
For example, under the singular Dry Goods supplier, create separate guides based on product uses: "Front of House", "Back of House", "Canned Drinks", "Cleaners".  

To create a new Order Guide follow these steps:

  1.  Navigate to your Order Desk and select the desired Order Guide
  2. Click '+New Order Guide' in the top right corner and give it a name to create a new Order Guide sub-category. These sub-categories will enable you to further organize your Order Guide based on product uses. 

Quickly select and re-order regularly used products from these Order Guides for a swift and seamless ordering experience! 

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